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SWOT Analysis

Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats


  • Knowledgeable Staff with lived experience- strong resource for the community
  • Promoting Independent Living and disability
  • Strong partnerships in the community among government, community partners, funders and consumers
  • Consumer driven/run and trusted for the wellbeing of consumers
  • Reducing isolation
  • Financially responsible/sound
  • Programs such as Direct Funding


  • Focus on cross-disability
  • Understanding equity
  • Linkages to other services such as mental health
  • Need for youth opportunities
  • Funding for programs
  • Technology impact on CILT
  • A few services out-shadowing others
  • Keeping up with changing societies and perspectives


  • New Leadership
  • Integration and Strategic collaboration opportunities
  • Retention of Attendants
  • New funding models/opportunities: Federal, provincial and municipal
  • Influence policy locally at municipal and LHIN's level
  • Leverage Social media across wider audience
  • Growing CILT's programs
  • Focus on housing programs

Considerations (Threats)

  • Brain Drain through retirement (risk of moving away from IL philosophy)
  • Funding
  • New provincial government
  • Not integrated in broader system; not represented at sub regions planning table
  • Youth engagement
  • Possible conflict with self directed care program